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Checklist Builder was developed as a collaboration between Winspire and professional benefit auctioneer Danny Hooper.

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A little about Winspire.

Winspire is the premiere provider of unique no-risk auction travel packages designed for charity event fundraisers. Over 28,500 nonprofits, schools, religious organizations and foundations throughout North America have used our catalog of more than 200 Experiences in their fundraising auctions and raffles to raise money, promote events and save countless hours in the procurement process.

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Why We Created Checklist Builder.

People often underestimate the countless details involved in planning a profitable auction event. Most benefit auctions are run by well-meaning volunteers who simply don't know everything they need to know. As a result, many of these events fail to achieve their full potential.

Our experience has proven time and again that at most benefit auctions, there is more capacity for people to give than event organizers have planned for. Volunteers work hard to sell tickets, acquire auction donations, and decorate the venue—often spending money where they shouldn't, and not spending money where they should—and then open the doors without having a solid plan in place for capturing more of the money walking into the room. As a result, most of the money walks right back out the door at the end of the event.

We’ve made it our mission to gather the highlights of our experience and combine it with countless hours of research to create Checklist Builder. It is our sincere hope to help nonprofit organizations not only improve their performance, but actually achieve record profits at their next fundraising auction event.

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