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Checklist Builder provides the knowledge and expertise you need to plan any size of fundraising auction event. Pre-populated checklists with tips and resources help you delegate and monitor tasks. What to do. How to do it. Absolute accountability.

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Features & Benefits

Raise More Money

Despite great intentions and earnest efforts, unfortunately many charitable events fail to achieve their full financial potential. That's why Checklist Builder was created - to help your events achieve record profits and maximize their returns.

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Gain Valuable Insights

Follow the accepted 'Best Practices' of North America’s most successful fundraising auction organizers. When you use the Checklist Builder app you gain instant access to a wealth of resources, links, explanations, and templates. Not only 'what' to do, but 'how' to do it.

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Update in Real Time

Mobilizing a team is easier than ever with Checklist Builder. Keep everyone connected to their Checklists and watch things get done. Eliminate redundancy and wasted time - one refresh shows you instant status updates and keeps you informed. 

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Create & Remove

Auction events tend to evolve a little (or a lot) during the planning process - and you need to be nimble. The beauty of the Checklist Builder app is its capacity for flexibility.  Easily add or remove tasks, team members, and milestones from the checklist.

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Print & Share

Checklist Builder makes it easy to assign checklists to your team members, then share lists via print or email. With easy access from any internet-supported device and printer friendly checklist output, it's easy to keep track of everything and everyone.